Blowfly, Rapp Dirty

The single best moment of my 2010 was sometime around 7pm on January 15th in a small grassy section of a stadium in south-east Auckland, when Blowfly took the Lilyworld stage at the Big Day Out (that’s him, below). Perhaps one of the saddest moments of my 2010 was the realisation that less than 40 people had assembled to see this legend of hip hop.

Blowfly, for that shabby showing, I apologise. To attempt to make up for the apathy of my countrymen, I have made a pledge to help fund the new documentary film, The Weird & Wonderful World of Blowfly. I hope it gets distribution here in NZ so that more than 40 people get to experience your superfly majesty.

(If you’d like to vicariously experience Blowfly’s comedy-rap classic Rapp Dirty, click here. For even raunchier NSFW fare, click here.)


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2 Responses to Blowfly, Rapp Dirty

  1. sweetpants says:

    I was one of the 40. amazing.


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