LCD Soundsystem, Losing My Edge

[Big Day Out anticipation post #1]

The count is on to the Big Day Out and I for one am bloody excited. I’d love to be able to catch these chaps for a record-breaking (for me) 8th time, but I suspect they’ll be usurped by Primal Scream (who I’ve only seen once, at Glastonbury 2005, who were awesome in their cantankerous majesty… but more on that later) in the worst scheduling clash of the day.

This is my 2nd favourite LCD stormer… #1 still has to be All My Friends, if only because that’s the tune to which, sometime around 9.30pm on 18 January 2008, I first stuck my tongue down my darling’s throat. Such romantic beginnings.


 [I was going to post something flood / rain-related this morning in tribute to our Qld friends… but it all seemed a little contrived.]


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Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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