Ratatat, Falcon Jab

[Big Day Out anticipation post #2]

Some fool has scheduled the mighty Ratatat at the ridiculously early time of 1.15pm in the Boiler Room. I pity the fool. But on the plus side, at least the front of the mysterious new Super Top-less Boiler Room will be cool and airy for their set.

I like playing Ratatat videos at home because they creep out the fella – especially this one below (which I’ve since been banned from playing due to common-law-spousal head-fuckery of the highest order).

And from less than auspicious beginnings, their live shows are now reported to be a must-see, if this recent San Fran review is anything to go by. Tripped-out projections, guitar heroics and holograms? Hell yes.

If you haven’t yet immersed yourself in the surreal world of Ratatat, then get out your toe and start dipping, friend.


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