Iggy and the Stooges, Search & Destroy

[Big Day Out anticipation post #3]

 Last time Iggy and the Stooges came to the Big Day Out, I bopped so hard in the stands I attracted the attention of the TV news cameras and got a phone call from my mum.

I’ve always loved this song, and I loved it even more when it was included on the Life Aquatic soundtrack, because who doesn’t love Bill Murray, especially Bill Murray kicking serious arse to the sound of the Stooges? Fuckin’ A.

The Big Day Out released the final timetable yesterday and after mulling it over, I have to say it’s depressing me somewhat. There’s a vast chunk of ‘meh’ in the middle of the afternoon, which would seem like the perfect opportunity to have reshuffled a few bits and bobs to avoid the LCD / Primals and Grinderman / MIA clashes.

Oh well, looks like it’s off to lurk in the Lilyworld – no bad thing. Or doing as @hadyngreen suggests: “Find a space equidistant from the big stages, lie down in the sun, pretend you are listening to a crazy mash-up”, something it seems drunken teenagers have known about for years.

And from a blogging POV, perhaps my “BDO artist a day” might have been a little ambitious. Standby for potential repeats…

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1 Response to Iggy and the Stooges, Search & Destroy

  1. puttingoutfire says:

    Cheers for the link Peter Mac! Some recent live Raw Power… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLo_Ip_WSLA&feature=youtu.be


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