Primal Scream, Movin’ On Up

[Big Day Out anticipation post #4]

Uh oh, what’s that weather up to? I can’t recall a rainy Big Day Out in recent history, but having endured the great flood of Glastonbury 2005, I reckon I’m up for anything. Embrace that rain – although possibly not as much as this fella did…


Speaking of Glastonbury 2005, one of the highlights – and jeepers, there were so very many – was the Primals’ set as the penultimate act on the Sunday night Pyramid Stage. Bobby G was exceedingly cantankerous (and not a little smashed) – he stopped a track 30 seconds in and made the band start again, he called the crowd ‘fucking hippies’, and basically scowled and grumbled his way through the XTRMNTR-heavy set – but we still loved every moment of it.

The absolute best bits, however, were the songs from Screamdelica – when they performed Movin’ On Up, for instance, I swear I had an out-of-body experience that was religious in its sheer emotional majesty. I’m assuming that was down to the music, anyway… (That’s me in the middle on the right below.)

So bring on 8.35pm Friday. Although a little word to the programmers – why the hell relegate Primal Scream – PRIMAL SCREAM WITH A FUCKING GOSPEL CHOIR – to the small stages? What an insult to one of the world’s greatest-ever bands. Lucky we get to see Shihad again, I guess. (And yes, that is extreme sarcasm you noted there.)


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