The Clash, Sandinista!

Summer tune album of the day #3


Today’s pick comes from the venerable Opinionated Diner, Mr Simon Grigg. If you don’t follow this blog, go forth. Man is a veritable legend of the Kiwi music scene – and a pretty fine blogger too…

When I asked Simon for his summer pick, he said, “Can I name an album? SANDINISTA.”

He didn’t need to go into any more details (although Simon, you’re more than welcome to in the comments box). This triple-LP behemoth begs no explanation.

Sandinista! has been part of my life since my mid-teens, in one form or another – I first inherited a dubbed tape of sides one and two (it took me several years to realise there were four more sides). It opened up a world of Clash awesomeness for me, some not-particularly-awesome examples of which are included here:

  • When I first started buying CDs, a Clash comp was top of my list
  • One of the first 12″s I bought as an boxfresh radio DJ was The Magnificent Seven backed with The Magnificent Dance
  • When I lived in London I carried out an entire relationship with Scottish George centred around the Crown on Streatham Hill, solely because the Clash used to drink there (it’s namechecked in Stay Free, fact fans)
  • One of the final memories I have of Glastonbury 2005 is of dancing to Johnny Cash outside a bar with a large Joe Strummer flag on its roof (above)
  • I whisper the phrase “Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie” each time I do the household chores…

I’m getting horribly off track. The point is, if you haven’t listened to Sandinista! in its entirety for some time (or indeed, at all), reserve a good few hours this summer and do it.


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2 Responses to The Clash, Sandinista!

  1. Opdiner says:

    Sandinista is like a summer road trip. It rambles, it’s slightly (okay – completely) disjointed, some of it it sounds like blissful moments sitting outside in an evening with a Macs Gold swatting insects, some more like the groggy next morning, it never feels the need to rush unlike earlier Clash records and I have this wonderful repeating memory of driving to Piha and coming over the crest of the road – where the beach breaks into view – and Charlie Don’t Surf arriving in the car simultaneously. It, the first album and the original 10" Black Market Clash, are my Clash essentials.


  2. puttingoutfire says:

    Fantastic comment – thanks so much Simon.


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