Ned Doheny, Get It Up For Love

Summer tune/s of the day #4

Continuing this series of ultimate summer tunes, today it’s a pleasure and privilege to showcase the opinions of another great music blogger, the mighty Mr Christopher Tubbs of Heads Down and BBC 6Music fame. (You may also have heard him on onboard Air New Zealand if you’ve been winging it to foreign climes ocver the past few years.)

Again, if you’re not already following this bastion of musical goodness, don’t waste any more time.

Despite emailing from the depths of winter in London, Chris had no shortage of amazing summery suggestions that belie the fact he’s facing 3pm sunsets. Here’s what he had to say:

My all-time great summer tune: Ned Doheny, Get It Up For Love

A mind-blowing record that’s been oft covered by various disco pretenders (Tata Vega gave it a pretty good shot  [TUNE! Ed.]), but nothing comes close to the slap of seratonin that is the original. It’s so special in fact that it was the first dance at my wedding! Tears of joy have been shed to this record…

Current summer killers:

Thanks so much Mr Tubbs – awesome tunes all!




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    1 Response to Ned Doheny, Get It Up For Love

    1. Listening to this summer bliss in northern California with angry hail outside is making me grin. Thanks.


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