Paperclip People, Throw

Back in the good old days when I frequently frequented dancefloors until the early hours and then some, I was world-famous-in-a-very-small-section-of-South-London for getting over-excited about tracks and loudly proclaiming them to be “[OMG this is my] Favourite Track of All Time™!”

As this happened at least four or five times a night, the phrase quickly lost all credibility and in fact often led to blatant mockery. However I stand by its authenticity. After all, surely one can have many Favourite Tracks of All Time™? (Especially at 3 in the morning…)

What IS, however, without doubt a bona fide Favourite Track of All Time™ (at any time of the night or day) is Paperclip People’s Throw*, a tune I can never ever get sick of, not even after a thousand and one replays. Its insistent driving chug and wailing vocals (c/o the sampling of another bona fide Favourite Track of All Time™ – Loleatta H’s Hit & Run, below) cast a mesmerising spell over any dancefloor (or increasingly in my case, kitchen). It’s simply one of the best techno tracks ever written.

LCD Soundsystem made a valiant effort at covering it – taking it even further back into the disco territory it was originally sampled from, and with that unmistakably LCD live sound (James Murphy’s attempts at Loleatta’s howls are worth the listen alone). It’s OK but no cigar – in the end it just can’t compete with the unparalleled majesty of Carl Craig’s finest.

Did I mention it’s my Favourite Track of All Time™ already?

* The rest of the album it appears on, The Secret Tapes of Dr Eich, is pretty damn awesome too.

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2 Responses to Paperclip People, Throw

  1. I read a great account somewhere from someone who was at the show the first time LCD did their cover. It was all "This sounds like … it must be … HOLY SHIT IT’S ‘THROW!’"


  2. Gwyneth says:

    Oh my, throw back! love it…. More please, makes me remember being able to dance for 10 hours straight…


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