Primal Scream, Don’t Fight It, Feel It

Shame – I realised when I got home last night that I had been “that car”. You know, “that car” you sit next to at the lights with a bass boom so loud it’s rattling the side panels; “that car” that turns you instantly into a 70-year-old as you think, “For god’s sake, surely they can’t be enjoying it at that volume… bloody hoodlums.”

Couldn’t help it though – I was listening to Primal Scream’s Screamadelica for the billionth time and had to crank it up to 11 when Don’t Fight It Feel It came on. (Yes, it’s another Primal Scream based blog post – sorry.)

Really, has there ever been a better Italo / acid house anthem? [OK, I admit it’s possible – suggestions and debate in the comments box welcomed.]

Whatever your opinion, it can’t be denied that Don’t Fight It Feel It has all the elements needed for a proper classic house wig-out.

Belting diva vocals? Check (c/o Denise Johnson).

Killer piano breakdowns? Got ‘em.

Hoover sounds and a driving bassline? Whistle sample that sounds like a cicada / cicada sample that sounds like a whistle? Lyrics about getting high?

Heck yes to all of the above.

Rave on.


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Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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