Talking Heads, Big Business / I Zimbra

So Stop Making Sense is arguably the best concert film of all time, though I’d counter it has some decent competition from The Last Waltz, although it’s clearly apples and oranges and not worth the argument at all. (And then there’s Wattstax, Woodstock and many, many more which I won’t go into here but by all means please argue the toss in the comments box…)

Anyway, someone on the radio at the weekend (maybe Radio NZ’s Music 101? I was jetlagged, sorry) dropped I Zimbra from the very excellent Fear Of Music the other day and I was reminded what a choice track it was – apparently Jerry Harrison’s favourite-ever Talking Heads track and one he says provided the base for Remain In Light, which, erm, makes sense.

When I searched for it on YouTube to add a video to this blog, I discovered I Zimbra was actually originally part of the Stop Making Sense film on VHS but was edited out for the DVD version (fools) and only included as a bonus feature which, given it’s been 20 years since I originally saw this film on VHS, erm, makes sense that I don’t remember seeing it on recent rewatches.

Anyway, here’s that outtake. Pretty damn awesome it is too – go that rhythm section!


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