Kenny Hawkes, Sleaze Walking

Back in the late 90s, for a certain population of Kiwi clubbers at least, Paper Recordings was IT. Paper 12″s used to fly off the shelves of BPM – sometimes it seemed half of Auckland was playing a big game of “collect the set” (helped along by the fact the 12″s were numbered, usually with large friendly digits on the sleeves).

This was No 27, a seminal deep house classic from 1998, falling between Crazy Penis’s Get It On (no 26) and Solaris Heights’ Solarism (No 28). I always think of it as a “Calibre K tune”, in honour of that little K Rd basement that used to get so dark sometimes you couldn’t see anything except people’s cigarette ends. Those were the days.

When I moved to London in 2000, one of the first clubs I (and the rest of the Brixton massive) fell in love with was Kenny’s night Space at Bar Rumba, a legendary mid-weeker that resulted in many a sick day on Thursdays. I’ll always remember Kenny behind the decks here, trying to ignore the bunch of Kiwis hanging around his booth trainspotting, or being accosted (in the nicest possible way, bless) by Dean, Chintz and Bob when the lights went up at the end to find out the name of that killer tune…

I’m really sad to hear he’s passed on. Thanks for the music, sir – them were good times.

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