Sylvester, Over & Over

Continuing on an Ashford & Simpson tip… never twigged they wrote this too (cheers Frank Booker), one of my Favourite Tracks of All-Time™. Love this video compilation too, especially the big fella at 1.25 snorting poppers. (The footage also stars in the excellent doco Maestro.) Must be years since I smelled that familiar scent of poppers on a dancefloor. I obviously don’t get out enough these days.

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Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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1 Response to Sylvester, Over & Over

  1. looby says:

    Jen!! What a diamond of a bit of footage – I’m saving that to my hard disk and giving it to my children.Must say though that modern popper consumption is a bit more snifffffffffffffffff than those quick tokes :)Fantastic, THANK YOU x


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