Harry Thumann, Underwater

I paid a fortune for this 12″ in a small West End record shop in Glasgow back in 2004. Worth every penny though – it’s an EPIC tune, although it’s definitely not something you could bust out at every party…

It is something Optimo could bust out though – and I swear I’ve never had such an incredible dancefloor moment as when they dropped this at the Sub Club just hours after I’d picked it up. (You have to love that ridiculously undeserved proprietory feeling you get when the DJ plays ‘your tune’ …)

Last year, to commemorate the end of the Optimo Sunday club nights, the Optimo boys created their legendary crowd-sourced Top 250 list (something everyone should print out and keep in their wallet to check off against while record shopping – you need these tunes). To this day I’m still unduly proud that my contribution, this most bombastic of disco tunes, made the cut.

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Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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