Stephanie Mills, Put Your Body In It / The Chicago Connection, Dancin’ (Mark Grant mix)

On another disco binge at the moment, spurred on by the purchase of an 1980s Acoustic Research ‘The Turntable’ which is making my vinyl sound fantastic (after two weekends spent with a cloth and some alcohol to make those dirty old records vintage-turntable-worthy) and a recent excursion to hear Derrick Carter spin a three-hour disco set (which was, quite simply, amazing… but more on that later), as well as packing Tim Lawrence’s incredible disco tome Love Saves The Day to re-read in Barcelona last week. Which, by the way, everyone should read.

With nothing better to do today than nurse an enduring hangover from Friday night, I compiled a YouTube playlist of my favourite Paradise Garage-era tracks (you can find it here) and came across this gem from Stephanie Mills. A killer tune in its own right, it also underpins one of my all-time favourite house tunes, the Mark Grant mix of Chicago Connection’s Dancin’, an insanely infectious track to which I used to dance myself senseless in the late 90s. I suspect Larry Levan would have had no qualms dropping this at the Garage.

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