What I’m picking: Glastonbury Friday

This is the time of year I become a total Glastonbury bore. (Sorry in advance, just wait until afterwards – zzzzzz.) During my wilderness years (when I returned to New Zealand post-Glastonbury 2005), this time would generally see the  tearing of hair and renting of garments. This year, however, normality has been restored and I’ll be polishing my wellies for a triumphant return to Worthy Farm next week.

As for what I’ll be aiming to catch… where do I begin? It’s a luxury of riches – and that’s just the names I know. No doubt many “stumble-upon” festival highlights are just waiting to be discovered. In the meantime, however, this is what’s currently on my dance card for Friday (Wednesday and Thursday are for rambling and seeing where the night takes us…). Wish me luck fitting even half of this in.

In vaguely chronological order: Don Letts, Pete Wiggs, Alice Russell vs Local Natives (first big clash of the festival), Tame Impala, Foals, Portishead (somewhat begrudgingly – would have been Chic but we saw them last week and I don’t fancy another run-in with loutish Get Lucky fans), Bill Brewster, Seth Troxler or Maurice Fulton or 2 Bears (major DJ clash action), Greg Wilson..

But the most anticipated? I don’t think these two will be topped – but I’m wide open to the possibilities. Bring it.

[EDIT: Below video now removed by YouTube – oops (anyway, I got my predictions totally wrong and Seasick Steve was decidedly average)]

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Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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