Records I love: Jumpin’, Original Full Length Classics From The Disco Underground


Every vinyl collector has a trusty stash of ‘solid gold’ records. NB: I refer to those records that are so loved as to be rarely far from the turntable, as opposed to the Solid Gold Hits compilations of the 70s and 80s.

(Though to be fair, most Kiwi vinyl owners probably have a sizable stash of those too. They certainly sound-tracked my early years – as a three-year-old I reportedly would put them on our Majestic stereogram, turn them up to 78RPM and run around the dining room table until I collapsed in a dizzy, exhausted heap. The records remarkably survive to this day, albeit a little (a lot in some cases) worse for wear. I can highly recommend Solid Gold Hits 24, featuring stone cold classics such as Lene Lovich’s Lucky Number, Roxy Music’s Dance Away, Amii Stewart’s Knock On Wood and the mighty, mighty Egyptian Reggae by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. But I digress.)

As I was saying, when it comes to ‘solid gold’, one record that has never been far from my turntable in the 15 years I’ve owned it is the superb 3xLP compilation Jumpin’, selected with love and care by disco don Dave Lee, aka Joey Negro. Each and every one of its dozen tracks is a stone cold killer, and there’s one for pretty much every occasion.

Need some histrionic, Hi NRG disco to make the dance floor sweat? Machine’s There But For The Grace of God should do the trick. Want some Arthur Russell? Please, take two – Dinosaur L’s Go Bang and Loose Joints’ Is It All Over My Face. Mid-set singalong? I present to you Miss Loleatta Holloway with the Salsoul Orchestra and Runaway. Need a long intro and outro for mixing? Candido’s Thousand Finger Man goes on forever. And if you’re after that consummate end of the night track that will bring everyone back to the floor for a group hug, you can’t go past Wood Brass & Steel’s Funkanova, one of my Favourite Tracks of All Time™.

It used to be hard to find on vinyl but I note that (at the time of writing) Discogs has a few copies starting from just £8.69! A bargain at ten times the price.

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2 Responses to Records I love: Jumpin’, Original Full Length Classics From The Disco Underground

  1. 1looby says:

    Bit late to comment on this, but that’s a cracking recommendation Jen. I heard the two Arthur Russell tracks when they came out and they were like nothing on earth! Very spacey and psychedelic, and sounding as if they were recorded on a casette player in someone’s garage. Thanks! That’s getting put on my Christmas list.


  2. I’m amazed my copy still plays, it should be worn down to a wafer by now. I hope you can find a copy, you won’t regret it! x


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