Richard Hawley, Down In The Woods

I’ve been lucky enough to see Richard Hawley twice in the past year – a transcendent performance at Brixton Academy last year and most recently at the mighty Somerset House, both times after which I was so blown away that I totally forgot to record anything for posterity on this shabby old blog.


Anyway, I woke up humming this in my head this morning and had to immediately go and remind myself what an incredible song it is – as is, indeed, the entire album and pretty much most of Hawley’s canon. But as good as it sounds on record, it’s not a patch on how extraordinary it is live, especially when the band start wigging out on the mid section and build it right through to the end. Spectacularly menacing (Hawley promises you’ll “come back feeling good” but that doesn’t mean you might not go on a rather sinister trip in between).

I’ve tried to find examples of such live majesty captured on t’net, but the closest I can find is his Mercury Prize performance last year, which while good isn’t a patch on the real thing (and the Jools Holland performance sounds particularly tame thanks to the ‘made-for-TV’ sound mix, alas). Best advice is go and see him yourself.

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4 Responses to Richard Hawley, Down In The Woods

  1. Alan Perrott says:

    twice? twice??? I tried to see him in Oz (Brissie), but the bleeding boss was going on leave at the same time, so yeah but nah. that sucked.
    did he play Open Up Your Door? probably my favourite track on vinyl and I imagine it’d be a monster live. wasn’t so sure of some of grandad psych styles that opened the last album, but there’s still plenty of greatness in the grand style. I grabbed those 10” singles that followed it as well – he puts out special offers on his website.
    anyway, I’m intensely jealous, if pleased to hear the gigs are as good as I’d hope for.


  2. He sure did – And finished with The Ocean both times. x


  3. Alan Perrott says:

    yeah tinny, but still effortlessly cool. he makes it look so damn easy.
    not much on the horizon gig-wise here. there was much excitement over James Blake last week – don’t get it myself, couch dance? – but I’ve snared a (not cheap) ticket to Ed Kuepper/ Television at the Powerstation. that’ll be a big night.
    been spending myself into the debtors prison at real groovy – truckloads of vinyl dropping. yesterday I picked up Merry Clayton’s Gimmie Shelter, Main Ingredient’s Euphrates River, Millie Jackson’s Caught Up, Madeline Bell’s album with Picture me Gone, and some heavy Jerry Washington soul. another 4000 ex-US albums en rout, followed by 2000 from the UK, and 50,000 7s. I need another job, or maybe a proper job. talking to Chris at Groovy and he said they now make more from vinyl than anything else – first time since cds arrived. sign o’ the times. great time for accumulators but.
    and good to hear you’re loving London again. is the Double R Club still going?


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