Heatwave, Boogie Nights

One of the very best things about BBC FOUR is Friday night music night, where alongside a generally excellent selection of music documentaries and live footage they feature Top Of The Pops* and Old Grey Whistle Test episodes from the vaults.

Killing time before I was allowed to watch Breaking Bad tonight, I tuned into a TOTP compilation from 1978 featuring an all-star line-up of Thelma Houston, the Jacksons, The Jam, Bob Marley, Bowie, Thin Lizzy, The Stranglers, Elvis Costello (I know, right? 1978 was a very good year) and the mighty Heatwave, a band I always think posterity has sadly somewhat overlooked.


With Top 40 hits all over the globe and the songwriting star power of Rod Temperton (who would go on to write a few ditties for Michael Jackson you might have heard of – Rock With You, Off The Wall, Thriller anyone?), these guys should have sealed their place in the pantheon of funk-pop history. Most people can belt out a few lines of Boogie Nights, but I wonder how many people know the band’s name.

Anyway… I think The Groove Line pips Boogie Nights as my favourite Heatwave song but the pure funk disco power of this tune cannot be denied – and HOW AMAZING IS THIS VIDEO?

* Although not, to date, the TOTP episodes from 2001 featuring a 20-something me and assorted friends attempting to dance enthusiastically to the likes of MisTeeq and the Baha Men. Not really anyone’s finest hour.

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1 Response to Heatwave, Boogie Nights

  1. Alan Perrott says:

    ‘ere, have you heard any of the new earth wind and fire? – not too shabby by the looks,


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