Gary’s Gang, Do It At The Disco

We made the unusual decision this year to forego the good times of Carnival to go wild in the country. Well, to go rambling in the Cotswolds at least. A delightfully pleasant time was had by all (especially given where we were staying had no less than seven real ale pubs within rambling/stumbling distance), but the highlight was perusing the “giant car boot” at the Long Itchington Show on Bank Holiday Monday – and discovering a treasure trove of no less than 13 quality pieces of vinyl for just over a fiver.

The stand-out among this haul (and it was a magnificent haul) was a Gary’s Gang 7″ – their sole Billboard #100 hit, Keep On Dancin’, on the A side, but a mightier groove on the flip: Do It At The Disco. A tune so fantastic – horns, wood blocks, cowbell, WHISTLES – as to make me want to pack a bag, find a dancefloor and frenzy-up a crowd just to be able to drop this at the height of the night. If only someone would let me near their booth…

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Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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