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Record shopping in Bruges

“Maybe that’s what hell is, the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges.” – Ray, In Bruges Despite what Colin Farrell might say, we spent a fantastic Christmas in Bruges. It was magical all round, and this comes from … Continue reading

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Despacio powered by McIntosh (Friday night)

Despacio… where to start? What a night. WHAT. A. NIGHT. While the sound might not have been quite up there with the likes of the bastions of amazing UK audio, Plastic People or the Loft parties, those are small, intimate venues rather than … Continue reading

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A love letter to quality sound

We’ve all had nights ruined by shit sound (the promoters of Greg Wilson in Auckland 2012, I’m looking in your direction), but how often do we get to experience genuinely incredible audio on the dancefloor? Far too often (increasingly so these days … Continue reading

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Gig-iversary: Pretenders and Blondie, Vector Arena, Auckland

Debbie was great, but Chrissie was out of this world. Top night – and to the people who grumbled the whole way through because we stood up to dance and cheer, a plague on all your houses. Perhaps stay in … Continue reading

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Gig-iversary: Jeff Mills, The Kase, Auckland

Packing up my house in NZ before putting it on the market last month, I realised I’ve a giant box full of old gig tickets and flyers gathering dust. This, along with the 10-year anniversary of my first and now … Continue reading

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