Gig-iversary: Jeff Mills, The Kase, Auckland

jeff mills

Packing up my house in NZ before putting it on the market last month, I realised I’ve a giant box full of old gig tickets and flyers gathering dust. This, along with the 10-year anniversary of my first and now rather embarrassing blog, made me think now would be an excellent time to kick off an ongoing gig anniversary – or gig-iversary (see what I did there?) – series. (I’ve unashamedly stolen this idea from Chris Smith, the Lonely_Auditor who featured in Jeanie Finlay’s excellent Sound It Out doco, but I’m sure he won’t care.)

I posted on Facebook at the weekend about the chilling realisation that Blog #1 was now a decade old. Sunday marked 10 years since I saw The Darkness at Brixton Academy, a gig I rather alarmingly raved about, saying they were “as fantastic live as has been reported, with jumpsuits-a-go-go, pyrotechnics, children’s choirs, fake snow and glitter showers, and Justin Hawkins circling the 4,000-strong crowd on a roadie’s shoulders. Very much a contender for best gig ever…” Ahem.

Delving further into the dusty box of gig paraphernalia, it transpires that 15 years ago yesterday I was attempting to dance atop a podium under the influence of something I probably should have never taken out of the freezer. The mighty Jeff Mills ripped it up on three decks while I tried to keep smiling and stepping to the beat, while willing my melting brain not to form a sticky puddle on the floor. This struggle went on for what seemed like several days and well, that was the last time I kept such things in my freezer. “Mother, I can never come home again, because I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere, somewhere in a club in K Rd.”

Such were the times. Just say no, etc.

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