Despacio powered by McIntosh (Friday night)

Despacio… where to start? What a night. WHAT. A. NIGHT.

While the sound might not have been quite up there with the likes of the bastions of amazing UK audio, Plastic People or the Loft parties, those are small, intimate venues rather than a 900-person hall, so full credit to McIntosh Labs. When you found the sweet spot, it was sweet indeed.

And speaking of sweet… ah, the selection! Sub-110bpm perfection. It was like James Murphy, Stephen and David Dewaele had raided my record collection to compile my own personal jukebox. How did they know?

Will Powers, Adventures in Success; Carly Simon, Why; Hall & Oates, I Can’t Go For That…Tunes you’ve heard a million times that simply shouldn’t have sounded as incredible as they did: Mr Oizo, Flat Beat (super-slow – cheers to Graham @  Yeah for the link); Queen, Another One Bites The Dust; Hot Chocolate, Everyone’s a Winner (don’t laugh – it was extraordinary)….

Some tune – Magic Man by Heart (Heart!) – that only my closet-Westie boyfriend could name. Daphni. Tommy Seebach, Bubble Sex. An edit of The Orb, Little Fluffy Clouds. A dozen other tunes I need to buy immediately that Shazam might have been able to name, if it had worked inside the hall. Many more I’ve forgotten after too many cups of Despacio punch.

The absolute stand-outs for me? Todd Terje’s Diamond DubOrlando Riva Sound, Moonboots (a long time favourite and the first time I’ve ever heard this played out – incredible); Hamilton Bohannon’s Let’s Start the Dance being dropped at just the right moment, and culminating* with the ultimate, my Favourite Track of All Time™: Harry Thumann’s Underwater, bombastic disco insanity that only the brave (or the Optimo boys) dare to drop.

All in all, a truly astounding night. Great crowd, fantastic atmosphere – the kind of club night all club nights should aspire to be. Surely this needs to be a new Christmas tradition.

* I’m not counting the dodgy Bill Withers’ edit right at the end – Mr Murphy got far too excited on the volume and EQs (and microphone). He’s forgiven, of course, and he was right to be overexcited, but still, ears were a little bruised.

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6 Responses to Despacio powered by McIntosh (Friday night)

  1. c/o @supersquishy – Jaydee’s Plastic Dreams #Despacio style:


  2. looby says:

    Great, really look forward to raiding some of those URLs. I’m putting together my tracks for NYE at mine. No problems with volume there–we want people to dance and talk and enjoy doing both, not be sledgehammered with volume. In my ideal world… I’d fly you over here 🙂


    • Bless your heart sir. (And it’s train these days as I’m now nicely ensconsed back in South London.) Am trying to find some decent non-YT links for the various posts – YouTube never ideal at the best of times but 100 times worse now they ads have completely taken over…


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