Record shopping in Bruges

“Maybe that’s what hell is, the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges.” – Ray, In Bruges

Despite what Colin Farrell might say, we spent a fantastic Christmas in Bruges. It was magical all round, and this comes from a certified Christmas grinch. That said, I did pack in a heck of a lot of drinking in the four days we were there.

Nathalie, the delightful Northern Soul-loving owner of the restaurant in which we spent Christmas Eve (Pro Deo, a must-do – amazing), told us about a big disco dance party taking place on the other side of town that night which she and, it duly transpired, the table sitting next to us were going to attend later on. We paid the bill and set off across town, taking more than an hour to walk there due to torrential rain and shoddy map-reading, and no doubt further hindered by the fact we stopped in at excellent beer pub De Kelk for one or two of Belgium’s finest for the road.

To cut a long story short, it was brilliant fun to be dancing to disco (complete with full 70s afro brought on by the rain) in a strange town on Christmas Eve. Hats off to the Stricto Tempo crew.

One thing we didn’t do, however, was ask Nathalie or any of the disco lovers at the party where one shopped for vinyl in this town. Google offered up little in the way of encouragement, but somehow on the last day of our trip we stumbled on a great little record shop, Den Elder, on Langestraat, the same street the aforementioned Pro Deo and De Kelk are on, and the below is the result. Everyone’s a winner. (Yes, one of these purchases was heavily influenced by Despacio. One is a cat.)

If you’re in Bruges and have an inclination towards vinyl souvenirs, don’t leave town until you’ve popped into to Den Elder. Comprehensive selection across all genres and reasonably priced. Still kicking myself for forgetting to pick up that near-mint copy of Transformer for 12 euros.


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1 Response to Record shopping in Bruges

  1. 1looby says:

    Sorry this is a bit late–my feed reader has stopped checking you! It will be put to bed early with a cuddly toy of Dave Lee Travis.

    I am, as you can imagine, green with envy. I’ve only ever had lovely times in Belgium, but I’ve never been there specifically for bopping. I can hardly imagine spending a lifetime in Bruges as hell.

    Glad to know it was a fun time, and hope you survived the nuclear powered beer!


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