Optimo Top 10

Off to Optimo tonight for the first time in nearly 10 years. We won’t leave it so long next time, chaps. In celebration – a quick and dirty top 10 of Optimo classics I’m hankering to hear later this evening…

  1. Sparks, Beat The Clock 
  2. Rocker, Alter Ego (somewhere there’s a live bagpipe version of this from Optimo Hogmenay 2005)
  3. Karen Young, Hot Shot 
  4. Ten Benson, Rock Cottage 
  5. Farley Jackmaster Funk feat Darryl Pandy, Love Will Turn Around 
  6. Liquid Liquid, Optimo
  7. Harry Thumann, Underwater
  8. Hot Chocolate – Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac (The Revenge mix) 
  9. Vienna Boys Choir, Burning Down the House
  10. Don Armando’s 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band, I’m An Indian Too

About missjenferguson

Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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