Glastonbury countdown – 19 days to go: DJ Miles Cleret

HMS Sweet Charity, Sat and Sun

At any festival, especially a five-day behemoth like Glastonbury, there inevitably comes a time when your poor beleaguered legs can’t take it anymore and simply lose the will to move. Acts you’d been looking forward to for months suddenly don’t feel quite right as your tired feet and awkward hips fail to find the beat. It’s all psychological – find the right groove and those leaden legs will catch their second wind.

And where better to catch a second wind than on-board ship, namely the HMS Sweet Charity? I’m not a betting man (neither on the betting nor the gender front), but if I were, I’d wager the remedy for your flagging feet lies with Mr Miles Cleret of Soundway Records fame, who graces the good ship Sweet Charity very late/early on the final two nights – right when you’ll be needing that pick-me-up.

Bringing together everything from Afrobeat to calypso to Latin jazz to good old funk and disco, there’s something insanely infectious about Miles’s sets. They have a way of lightening the load on your trotters and your mind, and I defy anyone not to find the groove, even if your wellies are knee-deep in mud.*

For your listening and dancing pleasure, here are a selection of great Cleret sets, from tropical party tracks to deepest Africa and some Colombian marching powder; and, below, the tune I’ll always associate with Miles Cleret after a fantastic day dancing in the sunshine at the 2009 Big Day Out.

*NB: this won’t happen as there’ll be no rain at Glastonbury this year.

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