Glastonbury countdown – 15 days to go: Danny Krivit

NYC Downlow, Fri

Where do you start with Danny Krivit, re-edit king?

Our hero came of age in disco’s golden era, hanging out in the hottest clubs with icons such as Nicky Siano, Walter Gibbons, Tee Scott, the godlike genius that is David Mancuso and mates Larry Levan and  Francois Kevorkian*, before going on to grace the DJ booths of epic NYC clubs including the Roxy, the Limelight, Danceteria et al. Then, in the 90s, he regularly played the likes of Twilo, the Palladium + many more, as well as founding legendary NYC club night Body & Soul (see below).

If all that wasn’t enough – and more importantly to anyone outside the Big Apple / too young to take part – he’s also created some of the best disco edits on the planet, managing to retain everything that made the originals great while turning up the dance to 11.

Favourites include Dance to the Music by Sly & The Family Stone (apologies for tiny snippet, it’s impossible to find online – buy the first Edits By Mr K album, you won’t regret it), In the Light of the Miracle by the phenomenal Arthur Russell and the incredible edit of an incredible track by an incredible woman – Chaka Khan’s I Know You, I Live You.

If you’re still going at 3am on Glastonbury Friday (Saturday morning to be precise – and hell, why not just keep going?), then perhaps you owe it to yourself to get down on the disco floor with Mr Krivit.

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