Glastonbury countdown – 13 days to go: Melt Yourself Down

The Spaceport Sat, West Holts Sun

Being ever so slightly obsessed with this impending festival, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks obsessively pouring over the line-up and clicking through the links so helpfully provided by the good people of the Glastonbury Festival. Through this, I’ve discovered loads of great stuff I wasn’t aware of before. Including today’s act, Melt Yourself Down, a jazz-funk-multi-genre band from London (begging the question why I hadn’t heard of them before).

They seem to be playing nearly every festival of merit this summer (Secret Garden Party, Beacons, WOMAD and Bestival to name but a few) and it’s not hard to see why – their frenetic tribal rhythms are just the thing to whip frazzled festival-goers into a frenzy (how do you like my alliteration?). For my money, these guys look set to be the perfect early afternoon wake-up call, whether that’s on the vast expanses of West Holts or the slightly more intimate setting of the new Spaceport stage in the Glade. Here’s a taste of the live action.


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