Rose Royce – RR Express

Been rather busy of late setting up a certain shop that, if you like the music on these pages (as well as great beer and hot-as-hell chilli sauce), you may enjoy. More details soon…

In the meantime, by way of procrastination, I’ve been going through the last few years’ worth of Shazam tags on my phone, and hot damn there are some great ones, forgotten in the mists of time and booze.

Here’s a Rose Royce stunner – in all its 12-minute glory – from 19 January 2014. No idea where I was (Facebook gives no clue but perhaps a Lucky Cloud Loft party?). Obviously a good night as I managed to also tag this Wild Rumpus gem (lending further weight to the Loft theory, run of course by half of Wild Rumpus, the mighty Colleen Cosmo Murphy).

About missjenferguson

Lover of books, beer, chilli & records. Proud Peckhamite.
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2 Responses to Rose Royce – RR Express

  1. 1looby says:

    That’s a corker Jen — new on me! I’ll have to post this on our Soulful Dance group.


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