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Oneohtrix Point Never, Zebra

Off the forthcoming Franz Ferdinand Late Night Tales. Thoroughly discombobulating.

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Manuel Göttsching, E2-E4

Classic Album Sundays presents this most sublime record next Sunday 20th July at the new and sonically amazing Brilliant Corners in Kingsland Rd. One not to miss.

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Fleetwood Mac, That’s All For Everyone

Yes, Tame Impala covered it and did a very nice job, but Fleetwood Mac did it better, three decades earlier. All hail Lindsey Buckingham and the mighty Tusk.

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Some of the most glorious records you will ever hear

At a recent back to ours, the challenge was thrown down… well, actually I challenged myself, but hey, my house, my rules… Sorry, where were we? Ah yes. A musical challenge. With the assembled party planning to attend the Lucky … Continue reading

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Lemon Jelly, Space Walk

RIP Shuttle. Continue reading

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The KLF, Chill Out (complete mix)

Insanity prevails – a weekend that wasn’t a weekend due to staring at a computer screen procrastinating by all means possible to avoid the ridiculous amount of work piling up, stress levels turned up to 11 and still at work on a Monday at 7pm, two… Continue reading

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