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Glastonbury countdown – 12 days to go: Despacio Soundsystem

Just announced: Despacio are not only playing Glastonbury but they have their own tent, with daily seven-hour sets! *faints* My love for Despacio has been well documented on these pages. You could go back and read all my over-excited ramblings, … Continue reading

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Optimo Top 10

Off to Optimo tonight for the first time in nearly 10 years. We won’t leave it so long next time, chaps. In celebration – a quick and dirty top 10 of Optimo classics I’m hankering to hear later this evening… … Continue reading

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Fern Kinney and the art of the slowgroove

Ever since my night at Despacio (yes, I’m still banging on about it), I’ve become obsessed by beats per minute – most particularly, tunes that check in at less than 110bpm. I had the best dance of 2013 c/o James … Continue reading

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Despacio powered by McIntosh (Friday night)

Despacio… where to start? What a night. WHAT. A. NIGHT. While the sound might not have been quite up there with the likes of the bastions of amazing UK audio, Plastic People or the Loft parties, those are small, intimate venues rather than … Continue reading

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A love letter to quality sound

We’ve all had nights ruined by shit sound (the promoters of Greg Wilson in Auckland 2012, I’m looking in your direction), but how often do we get to experience genuinely incredible audio on the dancefloor? Far too often (increasingly so these days … Continue reading

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Gig-iversary: Jeff Mills, The Kase, Auckland

Packing up my house in NZ before putting it on the market last month, I realised I’ve a giant box full of old gig tickets and flyers gathering dust. This, along with the 10-year anniversary of my first and now … Continue reading

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All hail Nicky Siano

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as hyped about a gig as I am for tomorrow night. If there’s a disco heaven, then the RBMA v Lovebox special is definitely spinning a tune or 10 inside those pearly gates. … Continue reading

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My Mine, Hypnotic Tango

Road trips chez nous are all about plugging in the iPod and setting it to play tracks / artists in alphabetical order rather than leaving it to shuffle which invariably throws out the same tracks again and again. This means we get to hear a whole … Continue reading

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Richie Hawtin, Live at Sankey’s Soap

Still on a techno tip – this remains to this day one of my favourite techno mixes ever. Would give my eye teeth to have been on that dancefloor! Absolutely fucking killer.… Continue reading

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Harry Thumann, Underwater

I paid a fortune for this 12″ in a small West End record shop in Glasgow back in 2004. Worth every penny though – it’s an EPIC tune, although it’s definitely not something you could bust out at every party… It is something Optimo could bust out … Continue reading

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