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Carol Barber, Think I’ll Do Some Steppin’ On my Own

Some diva-styled disco for your Tuesday (with a bassline that belongs to Saturday night). Discovered this via the legend that is Nicky Siano – thank you for the music, sir!

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Loredana Berte, In Alto Mare

Sunday morning sounds, with a tip of the hat to Pete Fowler. Here’s a glorious extended edit on Soundcloud, and below a taste of the gorgeous Loredana in full force (albeit be warned, the video rather ridiculously cuts out just before the … Continue reading

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Gig-iversary: Happy birthday, Morrissey

On the 10th anniversary of our third date. (Yes, I’m a day late. Sorry.) Love always, Jen x  

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Fern Kinney and the art of the slowgroove

Ever since my night at Despacio (yes, I’m still banging on about it), I’ve become obsessed by beats per minute – most particularly, tunes that check in at less than 110bpm. I had the best dance of 2013 c/o James … Continue reading

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Gig-iversary: Pretenders and Blondie, Vector Arena, Auckland

Debbie was great, but Chrissie was out of this world. Top night – and to the people who grumbled the whole way through because we stood up to dance and cheer, a plague on all your houses. Perhaps stay in … Continue reading

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Tim Maia, Rational Culture / Pointer Sisters, Yes We Can Can

Lamenting the appalling sound during Nicky Siano’s set at The Forum on Friday night (and possibly a bit of slightly sketchy mixing from the maestro himself – playing like me DJing drunk at a wedding and whacking up the master … Continue reading

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Grace Jones, Warm Leatherette

The Normal’s Warm Leatherette is an(other) All-Time Favourite™ which quite frankly I never thought could be made ‘funky’, but Grace proves me wrong. As usual.

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The Smiths, Paint a Vulgar Picture

At the record company meeting / On their hands – a dead star And oh, the plans they weave / And oh, the sickening greed At the record company party / On their hands – a dead star The sycophantic slags all say: “I knew him first, and I knew him wel… Continue reading

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Queen Yahna, Ain’t It Time

Brought to my attention – as so many incredible tunes are – by a 5-hour Mr Scruff live set that, if you’re quick, you too can enjoy for eons to come. It’s available here and should be downloadable for another fortnight or so. It’s a must-listen, m… Continue reading

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Brainstorm, We’re On Our Way Home

Now that Glastonbury’s over and I can return to the worldwide interweb without feeling sick to my stomach about missing out on tickets AGAIN (and of course that little factor of being miles away at the arse end of the world), I bring you one of my… Continue reading

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