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Franz Ferdinand @ Somerset House

Franz Ferdinand were brilliant at Somerset House last night, There, I said it. Straight in to the top 5 gigs of 2014 for me, and good to see the chaps haven’t lost any of their lustre since the last time … Continue reading

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Optimo Top 10

Off to Optimo tonight for the first time in nearly 10 years. We won’t leave it so long next time, chaps. In celebration – a quick and dirty top 10 of Optimo classics I’m hankering to hear later this evening… … Continue reading

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Despacio powered by McIntosh (Friday night)

Despacio… where to start? What a night. WHAT. A. NIGHT. While the sound might not have been quite up there with the likes of the bastions of amazing UK audio, Plastic People or the Loft parties, those are small, intimate venues rather than … Continue reading

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LCD Soundsystem, Throw

It’s no secret that one of my Favourite Tracks of All-TimeTM is Carl Craig / Paperclip People’s Throw. It’s also no secret that I heart LCD Soundsystem like nothing else on this good earth – from the time I first heard them on a dancefloor in the … Continue reading

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Harry Thumann, Underwater

I paid a fortune for this 12″ in a small West End record shop in Glasgow back in 2004. Worth every penny though – it’s an EPIC tune, although it’s definitely not something you could bust out at every party… It is something Optimo could bust out … Continue reading

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Liquid Liquid, Optimo

BEST. TRACK. EVER. Continue reading

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Gal Costa, Relance / Tuareg

Giving praise to the force of nature that is Brazilian singer Gal Costa, whose charms (like many others) I first stumbled across via an old Optimo mix many years ago, with these two delightfully twisted psychedelic grooves. And if you’re ever shor… Continue reading

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LCD Soundsystem, Losing My Edge

[Big Day Out anticipation post #1] The count is on to the Big Day Out and I for one am bloody excited. I’d love to be able to catch these chaps for a record-breaking (for me) 8th time, but I suspect they’ll be usurped by Primal Scream (who I’ve on… Continue reading

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